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Yes, you read that right. We build toilets, along with the sinks and the showers to go with them for communities where they’re needed.

Right now our efforts are focused on Ghana, but we hope to expand to include projects across the continent. Just like we said, wherever there’s a need.

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Area resident talks about how communal public latrines will change her Salt Pond community and hopefully stop open defecation

Positive Change

“The people who are using the beach as their toilet will stop using the beach and use the washroom. It’s very important to get these toilets at this place, simply because in their various houses they don’t have toilet facilities.”

– Female resident of Salt Pond

Salt Pond Chief Nana Baa near the site of the communal public washrooms in southern Ghana that aim to stop open defecation along the beach

Back to the beach

“Most of us try to visit that beach that is why we asked our friend Kwame to help us.”

– Chief Nana Baa, Salt Pond Ghana

Salt Pond Elder says communal public toilets will belong to everyone and hopefully will stop people from engaging in open defecation

Access for everyone

“It’s to help the community. It’s not going to be one man’s thing. It’s going to belong to everybody. Everybody will get come and get access”

– Salt Pond Elder and resident