Our inspiration?

The idea for the ‘Love Africa Project’ was born in 2014 on a trip to Ghana. An early morning jog on the beach in the coastal community of Salt Pond, led to the discovery of people gathering, not for a swim, but to satisfy ‘nature’s call.’

Recognising a need

We recognised a need and wanted to do something about it.

The Love Africa Project hopes to bring a basic necessity to those who need it. The people who lined the beach every morning were like you and me.

Help people just like you

These are people that wake up everyday and get ready for work and school, doing all of the things we do, like brush their teeth, wash their faces, and put on their clothes. But it just so happens that part of ‘getting ready’ means something as basic as using a toilet is missing from the equation.

What’s also missing is the means to get that basic necessity.

What can you do to help?

Giving to the Love Africa Project means that we can build communal bathroom facilities. This will help to ensure...

  • The safety of vulnerable people - like women and children
  • That an adequate level of hygiene can be met
  • The indignity of open defecation can be eliminated

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Be a part of something meaningful

Your donation will bring better health, wellness and dignity.