Love Africa Project Team

The Love Africa Project was created by its founders as a Not-for-Profit Corporation. An organisation they hope will make a difference to a lot of people by ending open defecation and improving health and wellness one toilet at a time.

Their passion for this project, which they call a Love Movement, was born along the beautiful sandy shores of Salt Pond's coast. They, their volunteers and the community would like to see it remain beautiful and not see it be used - or anywhere else for that matter - as a public latrine.

Our Founders

Kwame Ben Eden, P.Eng

Kwame Ben Eden is a Civil Engineer registered with the province's governing body, known as the Professional Engineers of Ontario. He is a Senior Construction Manager with over 18 years experience in his field of expertise.

Kwame has been an active participant in grassroots community work. Kwame was a volunteer member of the Jamaican Canadian Association, where he helped plan and implement community activities and programs for youth. He was also a volunteer radio co-host and programmer on the Kubandwa show, which highlighted the accomplishments, news, events and various issues within the African and Caribbean communities on the now defunct radio station, CHRY 105.5 FM. Kwame's work on the FM dial provided an alternative take to mainstream news and helped give a voice to issues that are usually glossed over or ignored.

Love Africa Project not-for-profit corporation founder and Civil Engineer, Kwame Ben Eden, hopes to end open defecation in Lower Salt Pond, Ghana

Marshalette McTyson

Marshalette McTyson has a background in Communications and Broadcasting and now works in Marketing with a focus on Digital and Social Media Marketing.

Marshalette's community work was focused for many years on community radio at the now defunct CKLN 88.1 FM and CHRY 105.5 FM. She's currently a programmer on's Timbuktu Radio.

Marshalette McTyson is the co-founder of not-for-profit corporation, the Love Africa Project and hopes to end open defecation in Lower Salt Pond, Ghana, West Africa

Our Local Volunteers

Ras Kofai

Cape Coast, Ghana native, Ras Kofai is a Tradesman with expertise as a painter. He's also a music artist, specialising in reggae music.

Ras Kofai has been and is instrumental in providing our team with valuable assistance with regards to research, planning and logistics.

Love Africa Project local volunteer and Ghana native, Ras Kofai is helping to end open defecation in Salt Pond, Ghana, West Africa

Ras Lion

Salt Pond, Ghana native, Ras Lion is also a Tradesman with expertise in construction and working with steel.

Ras Lion, like Ras Kofai, has been instrumental in providing important assistance with research, planning and logistics.

One of the Love Africa Project's local volunteers, Ghana native and Salt Pond resident - Ras Lion is helping to end open defecation in his community