See pictures of the public washroom contruction in Saltpond, Ghana
Love Africa Project report on public washroom build in Saltpond, Ghana

Saltpond, Ghana

Love Africa Project has COMPLETED it's first public communal washroom build, as of summer 2020.

The first Love Africa Project began in December 2017 with co-founders Kwame Ben Eden and Marshalette McTyson arriving in Ghana on December 15, 2017.

We were pleased and honoured that local Chief Nana Baa, who was also concerned about open defecation on a stretch of the nearby beach, provided the land to build the structure that was to initially house 20 latrines and sinks when completed.

The finished product also includes one shower stall each for the female and male sections, which was a special request by the women of the community, and a separate structure was built for storage.

We want to thank Chief Nana Baa for seeing the vision and sharing it with us, the community for their hard work, the many skilled tradespeople who make up this community, and Ras Kofai for bringing the vision to life.

We've finished this project, but we're not done. We're off to neighbouring community of Koromanti by special request. But we need your help.

Your donations work and we still need them to continue bringing basic sanitation to other communities. A basic toilet can prevent illness that can be fatal.

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